DB Sound

DB Sound was for some time probably the only 100 % drum and bass italian radio program. On air for some years early 2000, it was produced and introduced by Dj Diskobolus. Then more recently it has been featured on the web radio Sanbaradio

The program is usually a 1 hour long continuous mix, playing all styles/colours of d&b. Normally first half with liquid/ambient/soulful d&b, second half darker/heavier  tunes more geared for the dancefloor.

DB Sound takes its name from a great Project 23 tune (https://www.discogs.com/it/artist/5246-Project-23 )   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcqQ2g0BvD8),  included in their 23 lp published in 1996 (https://www.discogs.com/it/Project-23-23/master/143239).

Dj Diskobolus  also started and produced Basswaves fm for the Musicgel  radio network. Basswaves fm was the national channel devoted to d&b, featuring a new mix from resident and guest djs every week, broadcast from a radio network  all across Italy and uploaded on the Musicgel website.

DB SOUND era un programma di un’ora di musica drum & bass, di solito un mixato non-stop, curato da Dj Diskobolus. Originariamente trasmesso nella prima metà degli anni 2000 da RTTR, era uno dei pochissimi programmi 100% di musica D&B in Italia, se non l’unico, con selezioni D&B a 360 gradi, dal liquid funk al neurofunk, dalla jazzy/ambient alla techstep più dark, dal sambass a produzioni contaminate dal dubstep, senza tralasciare selezioni storiche e grandi hits del passato. Più recentemente è stato di nuovo trasmesso dalla webradio Sanbaradio.it

check out some past DB Sound selected mixes on mixcloud :

DB SOUND  ARCHIVE :  featured mixes –

db sound – March 2018

1 FRED & GRAFIX – shaded

2 NU LOGIC – sun goes down


4 JOAKUIM – lautomne

5 THE VANGUARD PROJECT – think about

6 JOAKUIM – meeting of styles

7 BERT H ft. SICKNESS & DISMAY – love like this

8 IMPISH – that’s right

9 FRANKEE – forget me not

10 COMMAND STRANGE – unlimited bass

11 SERUM & VOLTAGE – do you want to die

12 ENEI & KASRA – 1000

13 ALIX PEREZ – acropolis

14 SPY – lockdown

15 VOYAGE – hallucinogenic properties

16 MYSTIC STATE – follow

17 ULTERIOR MOTIVE  ft. DRS – hey judas

18 ENEI & KASRA ft. JAKES – transmitter

19 ONE MIND – pullup

20 SOUL INTENT – just words

bonus mix : db sound summer 2017, rewinding old tunes